Windows 2.0 Review (2018)

*The following video is being put up for archival purposes only.*

An old video covering the history and features of Windows 2.0.


What you’re watching is a video about the history and features of Windows 2.x, completed on June 24th, 2018.

Serving as a follow-up to my Windows 1.0 review, this review of Windows 2 has a similar format where I cover these operating systems in great detail. Re-watching it again, I couldn’t help but notice a few problems…

For one, I didn’t cover the OEM versions, and parts of the video kinda drag on for too long. There are also numerous issues with the voiceover, most notably when it came to the pronunciation, tone, and pacing; the tone and pacing especially were so inconsistent, that it’s kind of distracting at times—this is why I put a LOT of emphasis on the audio with the Savvy Sage episodes I do now.

As for that Windows 3.0 review that was supposed to come out: It was put on an indefinite hold, and (as of now) I do not plan on covering it for a while.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy this review—maybe I’ll re-visit it on my Savvy Sage series one day…

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