Welcome to the world of Savvy Sage, where we unleash the uncommon side of history—whether it’s a popular computer with lesser-known facts about it, or a video game no one’s ever heard of, they’re all covered here!

Savvy Sage was founded in October of 2013, and since then has continued its mission in not only preserving history, but also entertaining the world.

Savvy Sage’s video catalog includes current favorites such as the Apple IIe Retrospective and The History of After Dark, as well as classics such as Technology Showdown.

Savvy Sage also offers research services for creators, which you can see some samples of here.

We've Been Places

Outside of content and research, Savvy Sage has also worked and/or collaborated on other projects…

Savvy Sage (wearing a red shirt and blue jeans) holding his hand out.

About Me

Hello! My name is Sage Stevenson, but many of you know me as “Savvy Sage“.

I’ve been working in the content creation space since 2013, primarily as an editor and producer, with a passion for technology since childhood—I also like playing games and drawing on occasions.

I’ve seen a lot of things come and go over the years, whilst learning new things along the way, which in turn, helps me become a better and more productive person.

Lately, I’ve been sketching and illustrating characters for not only my Savvy Sage web series, but also to help improve my drawing skills for possible future endeavors.

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