Unleashing the Uncommon.

Hello! This is (Savvy) Sage, where I make videos unleashing the uncommon, usually related to tech and games.

Whether it’s a popular computer with lesser-known facts about it, or an obscure video game no one’s ever heard of, they’re all covered here!

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About the Creator

Hello! My name is Sage Stevenson, but many of you know me online as “Savvy Sage”. 

I’ve been working in the content creation space since 2013, primarily as an audiovisual editor and producer, with a passion for technology since childhood. I also like to play games on occasions.

Throughout the years, I’ve seen a lot of things come and go, learning new things along the way, which in turn, helps me become a better and more productive person.

Outside of my YouTube show, I run the “Today in History” side project, Let’s Talk This Over Today.

I’ve also worked with other creators, most notably The Computer Clan, where I’ve contributed to several projects with them, including Apple Keynote Chronicles as their podcast editor, as well as episodes on Quibi, Flash PlayeriMac Evolution, and the InfoGear iPhone, as part of the Krazy Ken’s Tech Talk series.

In the past, I diversified into other mediums, such as reskins and modifications for Dovetail Games’ Train Simulator Classic, under the RoadRailer Simulations banner (now part of TrainSimCommunity.com), and produced the cult hit Computer Showdown homage, Technology Showdown, from 2015 to 2016, under the SFC Animation banner.