Working on a video / history project, but don’t want to do all the research work yourself?
We’ve got you covered!

Savvy Sage Research offers paid research services to content creators, providing accurate information on topics for their video and/or history projects. (See below for more details.)

Research work for Computer Clan

Research work for Savvy Sage episodes

I offer research services for the following...






(Movies, TV, Sports, etc.)

Corporate History

(Mergers, Bankruptcies, etc.)

Today in History

(Day, Week, Month, or Year)

Why Choose Savvy Sage Research?

1. Accurate Information

Topics requested are thoroughly researched—multiple sources (along with official ones, including press releases) are used to ensure accuracy.

2. Citations List

The final project contains a list of all the sources used, and the provided information use inline citations by number for easy access to a particular piece of information.

3. Speedy Response

After the research project is done, any additional questions and/or requests for additional information are available if needed, usually with a fast response time.

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DISCLAIMER: All research and content directly resulting from paid research projects may be used as reference and marketing content for future Savvy Sage episodes. Research content remains the property of Savvy Sage Productions. Savvy Sage Research also has a right to refuse research projects on the basis of content and/or conflicting interests.

Research projects are typically done within 2-6 days, with up of 2 weeks maximum, depending on the subject—I will only do the historical/factual research of a specific topic requested. Sensitive topics such as pornography, politics, and religion will NOT be accepted.

Since Savvy Sage Research is a paid business, a PayPal email will be required after research work has concluded—price will be negotiable.