Technology Showdown: Apple vs. Windows Part 1

*The following video is being put up for archival purposes only.*

The first Technology Showdown episode! It's Apple versus Windows versus Ubuntu; who will win?


WARNING: I would recommend turning down the volume in some portions, due to poor sound editing on my part back then.

NOTICE: These videos were based on the classic Computer Showdown originally created by Computer Clan. For entertainment and archival purposes only—they do not reflect the opinions of the creator. Any third party images used belong to their respective owners.

What you’re watching is the first episode of a cartoon series that got me on the map: A homage to the classic Computer Showdown!

Back then, I was a huge fan of the Computer Showdown series, so much so I wanted to do an HD remake of the first five episodes (not including the very first one that was more of an RPG-style battle.) The result was “Project Nostalgia”, which was renamed to “Computer Showdown Classic”, before given the final name “Technology Showdown” in July of 2015.

The first Technology Showdown episode was essentially a scene-for-scene remake of an old Computer Showdown episode where Apple battles against Windows Vista and Ubuntu—this was during a time when Vista was not received well by the general public (it has since grown a cult-following.)

There were minimal changes compared to the original: For one, Bill Gates was replaced with just a Windows logo, and some dialogue was changed to be a little more family-friendly. Other than that, the premise remained exactly the same.

Technology Showdown: Apple vs. Windows Part 1 (formerly named Test Pilot 1) was generally well-received by Computer Showdown fans, so a couple more episodes were produced over the course of a month—the rest (as they say) is history.

If you want to learn more about the history of Technology Showdown, check out my Savvy Sage episode on it…

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