Free Comment Script Tour

*The following video is being put up for archival purposes only.*

My earliest video ever archived, where I demonstrate Free Comment Script running on my old website!

Editor's Note

What you’re watching is my earliest online video ever archived—a video showing off Free Comment Script running on my then-newly established website,

I started making videos sometime in November of 2013, with the first videos being hosted on my website until I started my YouTube channel in February of 2015.

My first video I ever made for my website was a guided tour…of my website. Sadly, the video has since been lost as I was clearing out internal storage space on my computer at the time—a decision I kind of regret now.

Seeing how this is the earliest video I’ve kept in my archives, I’ve come a long way compared to the work I do now. To save on web server space, my videos were originally uploaded in 360p—the video you see here has been upscaled to 720p.

Another thing I should point out is the sound: The first mic I used was the built-in mic on my EarPods. At the time, it didn’t sound all too bad—this was before I started using better microphones, which play an important role just as much as the video itself.

Regardless of quality, I was getting quite nostalgic rewatching it, especially for that brief clip of the Top Sites page in Safari: Most of these websites either no longer exist, or look WAY different now. I guess it goes to show you how much time flies, and how much things have changed on the internet…for better or worse.

Today, now redirects to, and I’ve since brought back comments on my website, 10 years after I made that video… Things do really come full circle.

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