Technology Showdown: Apple vs. Windows Finale

*The following video is being put up for archival purposes only.*

The final Technology Showdown episode! This is it! Apple and Tux are up against the Winbuntu for one last time. Who will come out victorious?


NOTICE: These videos were based on the classic Computer Showdown originally created by Computer Clan. For entertainment and archival purposes only—they do not reflect the opinions of the creator. Any third party images used belong to their respective owners.

So here we are, the final episode of the cult-hit Technology Showdown, an homage to the classic Computer Showdown series.

Back then, I was a huge fan of the Computer Showdown series, so much so I wanted to do an HD remake of the first five episodes (not including the very first one that was more of an RPG-style battle.)

After the release of Icon Wars, I started work on the so-called “final episode”, which would’ve actually served as the finale for “Season Zero” (formerly known as the Test Pilots), and lead into the official first season of Technology Showdown.

Compared to the previous episode, a lot has changed:

  • This episode introduced new designs for the characters, all drawn in Keynote.

  • This episode introduced Zonbu, Ubuntu’s teammate, voiced by an old friend of mine, TonyTainMent.

  • Compared to Icon Wars, this episode does away with the live-action cutscenes and goes back to its roots.

  • Tux D. Penguin was given some facial expressions to include how he feels during the battle.

  • There’s more humor in this one compared to the other episodes, including various fourth wall breaks.

  • A new, rather infamous character appears in this episode: Union T. Pacific, who basically screeches the battle to a halt for about a minute and a half—he does practically nothing other than just do exactly the same thing Commodore 64 did in Part 2…and playing the guitar for no reason whatsoever. He’s practically the most pointless part of the cartoon in my opinion.

  • Finally, the episode (and the series) ends on a cliffhanger: Windows is given a note by Virus Maker about his “secret” plan to destroy Apple & Tux…and that’s about it—we never find out what the note says.

Technology Showdown: Apple vs. Windows The Finale (formerly Test Pilot 5) was once again well-received by both Computer Showdown and Technology Showdown fans, and remains my second most-popular video of all-time.

Following that, work began on forming a Technology Showdown “Cinematic Universe”, which not only included Season 1, but also spin-offs, like Misadventures of Apple & Tux, and probably the most ambitious project ever, The Prologue.

But that’s a story I already told in my “What Happened to Technology Showdown” episode…

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