The TRUTH About You Don’t Know Jack Release Dates

NOTE: This video is outdated, but is being put up for archival purposes only.

*(For Archival Purposes Only)* A video where I "attempt" to debunk the incorrect release dates of classic You Don't Know Jack games shown on Steam.


What you’re watching is a video where I debunk You Don’t Know Jack release dates…yes, it’s one of those types of videos.

This was one of the last videos made during the SFC era, and although most of the information in this video is still accurate, it doesn’t really cover the entire, detailed history of the franchise.

Instead, it more “debunks” the incorrect release dates given to the classic You Don’t Know Jack games released onto Steam in 2013. At first, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea, but when you start to put in inaccurate information in a video “debunking” inaccurate information, it becomes a bit hypocritical.

What do I mean by that? First off, in the video, I said that Sierra owned the publishing rights to YDKJ until 2004—that is not true. The rights were actually sold to Jellyvision near the end of 2002, one year before they released The Lost Gold.

I also mentioned in the video that You Don’t Know Jack 5th Dementia was considered a “theoretical” Volume 5, and that You Don’t Know Jack Offline was also considered thanks to its listing on Amazon and its inclusion in the JUMBO pack. Well, guess what? I later discovered that 5th Dementia was originally called Volume 5 when it was first announced in the Spring of 2000—Amazon’s listing of Offline calling it “Volume 5” is completely false.

Lastly, this is one of the first videos where I feature my animated mascot: An early version of the Savvy Sage character originally called “Sane Sage”. The name was initially inspired by the naming scheme used for Computer Clan characters like Krazy Ken, Brainiac Brent, and Maniac Mike. However, upon closer inspection, it didn’t seem to fit and it was also open to potentially offensive jokes. I soon went back to the drawing board, and eventually came up with the name “Savvy Sage”, which matches more of my personality and my content—the name stuck.

The reason why I took the video down initially was primarily because I wanted to replace it with a proper documentary on You Don’t Know Jack, that would be released as part of the Savvy Sage series—it is currently set to be finished by 2024.

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