Windows 1.01 Commentary (2015)

*The following video is being put up for archival purposes only.*

My first software review, where I cover Windows 1.01.

Editor's Note

A little background: The Software Room actually dates back to the launch of my website in 2013, originally named “Software Showcase”—it was renamed to The Software Room in 2014, and was a website-exclusive until June 2015. By 2016, The Software Room became strictly a video series when the website portion was shut down—The Software Room series officially ended in 2020.

The first episodes were essentially commentaries: Basically, I did research on the operating systems covered and took notes, which I would then follow along as I recorded the footage of the OS being used while I talk over it—it was a cheap and quick way of getting these videos done back then. I made a lot of these commentaries (mostly on Windows) before I switched to a professional, scripted format in 2016.

Outside of a few brief glitches here and there (such as saying “trilogy” instead of “saga” at 13:25), the videos weren’t half-bad for the time. VMware Fusion was being used to run the old operating system, Screenium was used to record the footage, and I used iMovie to edit it.

And for those asking, I do not plan on re-uploading any of the other Software Room commentary videos—a lot of it has to do with the fact that I don’t want to flood the Classics section with a whole bunch of videos about Windows. (On top of that, Savvy Sage Classics focuses on the best and notable works from my back catalog.)

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