The Short-Lived History of the Macintosh Centris

*The following video is being put up for archival purposes only.*

A video covering the history of the short-lived Macintosh Centris lineup.


What you’re watching is a documentary on the history of the Macintosh Centris, released in September of 2018. This was my first scripted video under “The Tech Table” brand, which is no longer being used as of 2021.

This video was done in collaboration with fellow SuperStar64, a YouTuber who happened to own a Centris 660AV—I brought him in to not only have him provide footage of his system, but also do the voiceover for that portion of the video. (At the end of the video, he’s referred to as a “SFC Group” affiliate; this was back when I had a member system in place that was abolished shortly after I released this video.)

This video also heavily uses footage from the dormant Jason’s Macintosh Museum YouTube channel, which showcases a variety of other classic Macs in his collection.

Aside from the typical sound issues of that era of content-creation, the quality of the visuals is not as good as my current work today; all of them were done in Final Cut Pro directly, rather than Keynote like in my Savvy Sage episodes.

There are plans to remake this sometime in the future—however, if I were to do this episode now, it’d be part of Savvy Sage TidBites.

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