Macintosh System 6

*The following video is being put up for archival purposes only.*

An old review of (almost) every version of Macintosh System 6.


What you’re watching is a review of Macintosh System 6, originally released on August 16th, 2016.

Like the previous videos I did, this was edited in a “professional” format, where I cover every possible element and/or change in the operating system versions—for the time, it hadn’t been done before.

Compared to my work today, it hasn’t aged great: Sound and pacing were usual issues with these older videos (especially compared to today), and in terms of release dates, they were all estimated rather than exact.

This video also does not cover the international versions besides 6.0.8L—System (International English) and System 6.1 (Arabic and Hebrew) are known to exist.

Despite that, this kind of format would influence my current work today—a remake is something I plan on doing in the future, but at the moment, interest is pretty low.

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