Macintosh System 1 to 5

NOTE: This video is outdated, but is being put up for archival purposes only.

*For Archival Purposes Only* A compilation of software reviews covering Macintosh System Software 1 to 5.


What you’re watching is a a compilation of 6 software review videos, released from April 16th, 2016 to July 30th, 2016: Macintosh System 1.0 to System Software 5.

This was the first time I did a “professional” format for my software reviews, where I cover every possible element and/or change in the operating system versions—for the time, it hadn’t been done before.

Compared to my work today, it hasn’t aged great: Aside from the usual sound issues and occasional mispronunciations (particularly when it came to pronouncing the word “volume”), there was also some major factual errors:

  • The earliest version of System 2.0 that was released included Finder 4.1, NOT Finder 1.1g—in fact System 2.0/1.1g technically doesn’t exist. (I blame this on bad research.)

  • There has been some debate on the release date of Macintosh System 4.1, but what I can say is that it was officially introduced on March 2nd, 1987 (alongside the introduction of the Macintosh SE and II), not April of 1987.

Despite that, this kind of format would influence my current work today—a remake is something I plan on doing in the future, but at the moment, interest is pretty low.

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