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In 2021, Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro with the infamous "Notch", which got a lot of people talking. Inspired by this, one man (a good friend of mine) decided to kick things up a notch (pun totally intended) and made a photo book about the notches all around us. Join Savvy Sage as he briefly takes a look at The Notch Book.

Back when screensavers actually served a purpose (to save CRT screens), Berkeley Systems took the concept a step further, creating what is often considered the ultimate screen saver collection...on mighty toaster wings. Join Savvy Sage as he takes a deep dive into the history of After Dark.

Two years ago, I took on the challenge of restoring my Macintosh Classic to working order—it was my biggest tech project I ever took on, but I learned some new restoration techniques, while making some mistakes along the here's the whole story!

In the early 90s, After Dark was a screensaver of course there were books written about it! Join Savvy Sage as he uncovers two After Book guide books: Cool Mac After Dark and Art of Darkness! The latter book in particular also has a rather amusing story in it...

Berkeley Systems may be well-known for After Dark and You Don't Know Jack, but before all of that, they actually developed software primarily for the accessibility market...yes, really. Join Savvy Sage as he goes over the origin story of Berkeley Systems, their first software products, and their impact on the tech industry.

It's been over 40 years since the Apple IIe was introduced, so it makes sense that Savvy Sage take a look at this piece of retro computing history, and why it's still considered a beloved retro system today!

In January of 1999, Apple released their first pro desktop that signaled a major shift in Apple's design: The "Blue & White" Power Macintosh G3, which also happens to be one of those old Macs I used as a child—so as you can probably guess, we're going on a nostalgia trip for this Computer Showcase... 😈

It's time to cover one of my favorite vintage Macs: The Power Macintosh G4! In this video, I'll be showcasing the original "Sawtooth" Power Mac G4.

In this follow-up to my Macintosh Classic video, I'll be talking about the story behind my system and how I restored it to (mostly) working order.

It's MARCHintosh, so you know what that means: A vintage Macintosh showcase! In this video, I'll be showcasing the oldest Mac I have in my collection, the Macintosh Classic.

In this video, I'll be exploring my first gaming laptop, the Dell Latitude D830, with some surprises thrown in the mix... 👀