The Savvy Lounge is our official Discord server, where you can hang out and discuss topics, join weekly sessions, get exclusive perks, and much more! We’re a friendly place here, but we do have some rules to ensure a good experience.

Key Features

Hang out and discuss!

Hang out with the other Lounge members and discuss your favorite topics! Got some artwork or memes to share? We've got text channels for that!

Weekly Sessions!

Join our weekly Savvy Lounge sessions at The Savvy Cinema, where we casually hang around and/or play games, such as Jackbox! (All gaming sessions are recorded for future Savvy Sage episodes.)

Savvy Insider Perks!

When you become a Savvy Insider on Patreon ($1/month), you not only get voice/talk permissions in The Savvy Cinema, but also access to Insider text and voice chat!


  1. You must agree to Discord’s Terms of Service ( and Community Guidelines. (

  2. All members here are treated equally with respect, and we want to keep it that way. Discrimination (racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.), bullying, harassment, and hate speech WILL NOT be tolerated.

  3. DO NOT flood or spam the chat.

  4. DO NOT post any harmful, malicious, or otherwise inappropriate / NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. These include IP loggers, malware, pornography, IRL gore, etc.

  5. DO NOT send unsolicited DMs to and/or excessively ping other members.

  6. Restricted topics (such as politics) MUST be kept at a bare minimum. We are not here to rile people up, nor is this the place to discuss them.

  7. Keep the channels on-topic. For example, any general conversations should stay in the #general chat, any memes unrelated to the conversation must go to the #fun-memes channel.

  8. This server is English only. While we respect our international viewers, we ask kindly to keep the conversations in English, so we don’t have to constantly translate them.

  9. Only one account per user is allowed. We do not allow alt accounts (unless you lose access to your main account), ESPECIALLY when trying to evade bans.

  10. Do not discuss banned users.

  11. But really, the most important golden rule of all is this: Use common sense. (In a perfect world, that’s all we should say.)