"Whatever is said in the lounge, stays in the lounge."

The Savvy Lounge is the place where you can hang out and discuss your tech and gaming experiences, join weekly sessions, get exclusive perks, and much more! We’re a friendly place here, but we do have rules and qualifications to ensure a good experience.

A Lounge Pass is required to access the main features of this server. To qualify…
  1. You must be 16 years or older.
  2. You must be subscribed to Savvy Sage on YouTube. (youtube.com/@SavvySage)
  3. You must follow all the rules as they are provided.

The benefits of having a Lounge Pass:

Hang out and discuss!

Hang out with our other viewers and discuss your favorite topics, whether it'd be technology or video games! Want to share some artwork or memes? We've got text channels for that!

Weekly Sessions!

Join Savvy Sage and company every week in The Savvy Lounge Theater, where we usually play some fun casual games, such as Jackbox!*

Savvy Insider Perks!

When you become a Savvy Insider on Patreon for $1/month, you not only get talk permissions in The Savvy Lounge Theater, but also access to Insider-only chatrooms!

* All gaming sessions are recorded for use in future Savvy Sage productions.