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Hang out with viewers, get notified of Savvy Sage news, gain access to exclusive emojis, and join live sessions on the Savvy Sage Discord server!

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Reasons to Join

Chat with Other Viewers!

We have several chatrooms available, including a chatroom for viewers, a tech chat, and a games chat! We also have forums for dedicated subjects (like screenshots) if you're up to that sort of thing.

Savvy Sage "Neon" Logo.

Get Notified of New Episodes!

When you join the server, you'll also get notified of the latest Savvy Sage news, such as new episodes and live sessions!

Join Live Sessions!

Join for fun live sessions and other goodies, including ones from Savvy Sage Gaming! Up for a party game? Want to see me sketch illustrations? They're all here!

One more thing… Consider becoming a Savvy Insider for $3/month and get the following:

  • Savvy Insider Role

  • Private Insiders Only text and voice chat

  • Request to speak during Live Sessions

  • Early access to new episodes

  • Behind the scenes content

  • Bonus videos (e.g. Blooper Reels and Video Logs)

  • Helps fund future Savvy Sage episodes!