RadioShack Shoppers Showcase

*The following video is being put up for archival purposes only.*

An old video covering the history of RadioShack, as part of the short-lived Shoppers Showcase series.


What you’re watching is the second and final episode of the short-lived Shoppers Showcase series, focusing on the history of the RadioShack electronics chain.

Much like the Kmart video, the Shoppers Showcase series usually followed a format: Tell the history of the chain as quickly as possible, and then showcase the stores afterwards.

But much like that video, it not only feels rushed (this was back when I focused on getting more videos out than making them good and accurate), but some parts of the chain’s history could’ve been explained in more detail at a decent pace.

Unlike the previous Shoppers Showcase, this video does bring up the international expansion, but even then that’s also rushed.

Since the release of this video, a lot has happened with RadioShack: In 2020, they were sold to the rather infamous Tai Lopez, and his company Retail Ecommerce Ventures, which also owns the IP of other defunct chains like Linens ‘n’ Things and so forth. As of 2023, the chain is now owned by Unicomer Group, one of the largest franchisors of RadioShack stores in South America.

There were plans to make a third episode of Shoppers Showcase, which would’ve focused on Sears, but due to low viewership of this episode, all future plans for this series were scrapped—I do not have any plans to make an episode on Sears for the Savvy Sage series…unless the company actually goes out of business.

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