Lucky Block Spaces (Minecraft Let’s Play)

*The following video is being put up for archival purposes only.*

A let's play video of a Minecraft minigame I made years ago: What if Lucky Blocks and Death Drop collide?


What you’re watching is a let’s play of a custom Minecraft map I made back in late 2014, that I revisited in August of 2020: Lucky Block Spaces. My pal Nathan (of Savvy Sage) and special guest SuperStar64 both co-starred with me in this video.

This was back when I did let’s play videos, and this particular one still holds up from an entertainment perspective…for the most part. Today, I don’t do let’s play videos anymore due to low viewership, however I did have a lot of fun with this one—I guess you could consider this one of the better let’s play videos I made.

And for those asking if I’m planning on re-releasing the map in the future: I don’t have any plans to do so…at least publicly.

2024 UPDATE: A new version of the map is now available, in cooperation with Elilink EdwardMMOs and NathanAlduStar!

Bonus Feature: Nathan's Perspective

(Courtesy of NathanAlduStar125 on YouTube!)

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do you still have the map

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