Fakin’ It! Overview

*The following video is being put up for archival purposes only.*

My first detailed review about a single Jackbox game: Fakin' It! from Party Pack 3!


What you’re watching is my last pre-Savvy Sage video: An overview of the Jackbox party game Fakin’ It! (and how to play it over streaming using the “No Cam Edition”), released on March 17th, 2021.

The quality of this particular video is almost about as well done as the current episodes of my Savvy Sage show—my research and editing skills have obviously gotten WAY better, but parts of this video certainly have the typical elements of a Savvy Sage episode, especially the quips. (No, not the ones from Quiplash.)

I should also briefly talk about my “obsession” I had for Fakin’ It: My first introduction to it was when I purchased Party Pack 3 for the first time in 2018. I really loved Owen Watson’s art style in it, so much so I drew tons of fanart, and was hungry for more—this was how I started doing Jackbox fanart before I retired from doing that 5 years later.

Despite that, Owen Watson’s Jackbox art style has influenced my present (and future) works, especially when it comes to the work I do now on my Savvy Sage show.

Bonus Features: Fakin' It! Fanart Gallery

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