Windows Crap Edition 6 Let’s Play

NOTE: This video is outdated, but is being put up for archival purposes only.

*(For Archival Purposes Only)* A let's play video where I take a look at the earliest Spoof OS game made with Game Maker: Windows Crap Edition 6.


What you’re watching is a let’s play video on one of the earliest Spoof OS games made with Game Maker: Windows Crap Edition 6.

Back in the day, I first discovered the Computer Clan through Spoof OS, particularly their Windows Crap Edition videos, so it only made sense that I do a let’s play on it.

Compared to my previous let’s play videos, this video is more professionally done—I had an outline of what features to look at, the sound quality is not bad, and it at least could get a few laughs here and there; sadly however, I don’t do let’s play videos anymore (aside from livestreams), as I think they’re kinda boring for me to work on.

This is also the only time a let’s play video of mine opens up with an animated sketch: In this case, a remake of the first 20 seconds of the first Technology Showdown episode.

This video also features some special guests: Nathan (now a Savvy Sage regular) provided the voice of Windows in the opening sketch, while ChrisFratz provided the voiceover for Bill Gates’ diary.

Following this, I did two more Spoof OS let’s play videos, and then just kinda stopped—I have no plans to re-release the other two at this time.

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30 days ago

I can tell Ken was in his Dirty Mind Age

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