Windows 1.01 Commentary (My First Software Review)

NOTE: This video is outdated, but is being put up for archival purposes only.

*(For Archival Purposes Only)* My first software review, where I talk about Windows 1.01.


What you’re watching is my first software review, covering Windows 1.01.

So a little background: The Software Room actually dates back to the launch of the SFC website in 2013, originally named “Software Showcase”—it was rebranded to The Software Room in 2014, and remained a website-exclusive until June of 2015. By 2016, The Software Room became strictly a video series when the website portion was shut down in 2016. The Software Room branding was eventually retired in late 2020, and subsequently folded into The Tech Table, one of the last SFC series before the Savvy Sage reboot in 2022.

The first episodes of this series were commentaries: Basically, I did research on the OSes covered and took notes, which I would then follow as I recorded the footage of the OS being used while I talk over it—it was a cheap and quick way of getting these videos done back then. I made a lot of these commentaries (mostly on Windows) before I switched to a professional, scripted format in 2016.

Visually, the video isn’t that bad—sure, there’s some brief video glitches here and there, but for the time, it wasn’t half-bad. As for the voiceover, it’s not really good from a quality standpoint, like a lot of my older works—it also has a MAJOR error near the end at around 13:25, where I said “Windows 1 started the whole Windows trilogy”, when I meant to say “saga” instead. (This would NOT slip past my quality standards today. x_x)

Screenium was used to record the footage, while I used iMovie to edit it; this was before I went the OBS and Final Cut route.

VMware Fusion was also used to run the old Windows operating systems; this was before I discovered 86Box, which I consider to be an emulation masterpiece in my opinion.

And for those asking, I do not plan on re-uploading any of the other Software Room commentary videos—a lot of them drag on for too long, and therefore are too boring to watch for me. (On top of that, The Savvy Sage Vault showcases the best of my back catalog, and I’d rather stay behind that than flood the vault with crap that nobody would watch.)

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