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NOTE: This video is outdated, but is being put up for archival purposes only.

*(For Archival Purposes Only)* The pilot episode for a series that didn't go beyond its first episode, where I covered tech news—in this case, the iPhone 6S.


What you’re watching is the pilot episode for a series where I cover the latest in tech news…that only lasted one episode.

This was during a time when I experimented with new shows that could help expand my channel beyond just tech tutorials and let’s plays—at the time, Apple had announced the then-new iPhone 6S in their annual September event, so I decided to do a quick recap of it, and then talk about my thoughts on it.

Re-watching this kinda gave me some nostalgia—not the video itself, but rather the product. iPhones have gotten so advanced that it’s shocking to remember when 4K video recording and 3D Touch back in 2015 was a big deal. Nowadays, these are standard features on pretty much every smartphone that’s ever shipped.

As for the video itself: For a first attempt at covering tech news and giving my take on it, it hasn’t aged all that great—it was rushed into production and released the day after the event, so I guess that’s my excuse for the “meh” quality.

Since then, I’ve attempted multiple series where I cover the latest in tech and gaming news (sometimes beyond that), but most of them never did well viewership-wise. Today, coverage of said news has been relegated to my live show on YouTube.

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