Macintosh Classic Review (2017)

NOTE: This video is outdated, but is being put up for archival purposes only.

*For Archival Purposes Only* An old review of the Macintosh Classic.


What you’re watching is my first review of the Macintosh Classic, originally uploaded on October 16th, 2017.

A little background: Before I started the restoration project in 2021, I had borrowed a Mac Classic (which my local church was using as a prop) for a review, since my other Mac Classic wasn’t working at the time and I lacked the tools and skill to do any internal tinkering with it. (Little did I know the horrors that would behold me.)

This video was made during a time when quality wasn’t really a priority for me—this video was filmed with an iPhone SE (1st Generation) and was filmed before LED lightning was installed, therefore you see the effect you’d get from fluorescent lighting.

Also, don’t bother getting your capacitors replaced at MacCaps—they no longer exist as of today.

Music used is “Return” from Matt (TheCodingGuy)—used with permission.

Anyways, unless you want to get nostalgic, do me a favor and watch the Savvy Sage episode on the Macintosh Classic instead.

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